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12051 Old National Pike
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History of Trout Supreme Seafood

Supreme Seafood Company started in the small town of Woodsboro Maryland in 1991.  From a small unit in Woodsboro Industrial Park, Steve Trout sold seafood to the residents of Frederick County slowly transitioning into the wholesale arena.  As local businesses realized that a fresher and superior seafood product was just a few miles from their doorstep the word spread and business picked up swiftly.  Soon Steve’s trucks were traveling into central Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and all over Maryland.  Steve watched as his small fleet grew.  As Steve expanded his customer base and demand for the freshest and finest product became almost overwhelming, it became time to move the operation.  Expanding the business and maintaining the excellent customer service level to his current customers was just not possible at the small Woodsboro location anymore.  Steve decided on the town of New Market Maryland to locate his seafood operations.  Being literally minutes from a major interstate highway would allow him to serve his customers even better than he had before. 

The state of the art facility was completed in April of 2004.  The 15,000 square foot building incorporates 54,000 cubic feet of frozen storage at 20 degrees below zero, 76,000 cubic feet of fresh storage maintained at a temperature of 33 degrees, various cutting edge refrigerated processing areas, and a 50 HP Boiler to ensure a superior steamed product.  All temperatures are computer monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that all products are properly maintained.  All inventories coming and going from the warehouse is tracked via computer.  The company has truly vaulted itself into the twenty-first century with the completion of this building.

The expanded Supreme Seafood Company fleet is another example of cutting edge technology.  All the late model trucks run with environmentally friendly diesel fuel.  Each truck has a self-contained reefer unit that ensure customer’s orders arrive as fresh as they were when they left the warehouse.  The fleet is well maintained, exceeding the standards set forth by the state of Maryland.

The expanded facility has also allowed the addition of on-site oyster processing.  Using oysters from the pristine waters of Washington State the crew at Supreme Seafood packs pints for the retail industry, and gallons for the food service industry.  The processing is overseen by employees of the company trained in the latest HAACP, State Health, and Federal Health guidelines further ensuring only the freshest oysters possible leave this facility.

CRABS, CRABS, CRABS !!!!!!  Supreme Seafood has always been a major player in the Blue Crab market.  In order to insure that Supreme Seafood could handle the relentless demand, a presence was needed at the source.  An exclusive partnership has been worked out with a blue crab dock in North Carolina.  This dock is where hundreds of crabbers come to sell their daily catch.  Supreme Seafood has first pick of all the finest crabs North Carolina has to offer!  This guarantees our customers will get the best crab at the best price.  The partnership in North Carolina has also resulted in better market representation for Supreme Seafood.  It has opened doors into the shrimp packing industry, solidified our supply of domestic blue crab meat, and created countless contacts in the oyster and fish cliques along the east coast.  All this can only result in fresher products at better prices for our customers.

Throughout the company’s existence it has always believed in providing the customers a superior product at a fair price.  That’s how the company was built and that is how the company will grow.  This company has emerged as a leader and an innovator

in a highly regulated and competitive industry.  As a leader this company will not forget the small town roots and community values that helped make it what it is today.

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